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Wed Oct 7 14:05:54 EDT 2009


We got into the swim pool for practice! YES!

Here are some details:

J.V. Water Polo Tournament Hosted by Pittsburgh Water Polo Sunday,
October 11, 2009  at Chartiers Valley High School

This is t first ever Middle School Water Polo Trounament in Western PA
and it is Hosted by Pittsburgh Water Polo (a club in North Allegheny).

Our Pittsburgh City team plays at 10:30 (boys) - at 11:30 (girls) - at
12:00 (boys) -- at 1 pm (girls).

Then all can be in a clinic from 1:30 to 2:30 pm.

The final game of the day for us is at 3:30 (boys).

Some of our girls players might be able to jump in and play an extra
game or two with the other teams as well.

This is a fun, big on sportsmanship tournament. If we have a great
time, we could go out to another event later in the season. The
championship weekend is played at the Naval Academy in Maryland. That
would be a great place to visit.

 Looks like we always wear Dark Caps.

Team Note:

Please keep in mind that rosters are not set in stone.  Athletes will
be welcome to play for any team in need of players.  Rest assured that
EVERY athlete will get the most out of this trip!


The coaches at the tournament will run a one-hour clinic for all
athletes from 1:30-2:30pm.  Each coach will have a station (goalies,
driving, 2-meter offense, 2-meter defense, etc.).  Scott Troy has
already offered to run a 2-meter defense station.  Feel free to bring
your suit!


We'll need $10 per kid for the tournament entry. We'll also need $30
to join American Water Polo. With that money you'll also get a
t-shirt. And, because we are new with the program, our fee to American
Water Polo is going to count for 2009 and all of 2010. So, you'll not
need to pay that fee again for spring, summer or next fall polo.

We will need to get to the games on our own.

Pack a lunch. Bring something to eat yourself.

The Sunday tournament is open to all in Pittsburgh, 9th grade and
lower. Kids from CAPA and Dice and Peabody are welcome to join us.

MONDAY at South Park:
On Monday, a non-school day, we have a High School game at South Park.
The game is to start at 4:30. We need to be there by 4 pm for warm up.
We should depart the parking lot at Schenley/Reizenstein at 3 pm.
There will be one game - a co-ed game. Game should take no more than
an hour. Kids who are 8th grade and younger are not eligible for the
game at South Park. That is only for high school aged players. The
game is at South Park High School.

Future Games this fall:
We might get other games this fall, but no more are scheduled. The JV
team at North Allegheny might be a possible match. Also, we might play
CMU's women's club team. High school states is November 5, 2009. Coach
Mark will attend that event and get more insights so that next year we
can have full access tournaments and a schedule.

Communicate with the coach:

Let Mark Rauterkus, Mark.Rauterkus at Gmail.com , cell 412 298 3432, know
if you are going Sunday and Monday. Let Mark know if you have a ride
or need a ride or could provide a ride to others.


We will hold practices after school every school day until the start
of swimming season. Some of our practices later in the season might
turn more into conditioning for swim team. But, we'll have on-going
practices in the water and perhaps some dry-land and weight room


Mark Rauterkus       Mark.Rauterkus at gmail.com
412 298 3432 = cell

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