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Mon May 17 00:31:55 EDT 2004

I am an RRT at Airevac Services in AZ. Our RRT's work out of 2 bases,
Phoenix and Lake Havasu. The Lake havasu base is fixed wing and comprises a team
of RRT and adult/peds RN. They transport every type of patient except
neonatal. Our Phoenix base consists of 2 fixedwings and 1 rotorwing (soon to be 2
rotor wings).The teams are 1 or 2 neo RN's,1 Maternal RN,1 Adult/peds RN, 2
RRT's and 1 EMT-P. All are dedicated to transport (not pulled from a unit) and
work 12 or 24 hour shifts. The RRT's do neo, maternal, and adult/peds
interfacility transports with the appropriate RN. Our training consists of approx. 3
weeks of didactic training plus 3-5 weeks of clinical time which includes OR,
PICU, NICU, and L&D and supervised ridealong time. Our transports can be anything
from a 5 minute rotor transport to a long multiple country several hour
flight. (deep in Mexico to northern Canada). As far as specialized tasks are
concerned it all depends on your area, we do more than some and less than others.
Our scope of practice is a work in progress and is being increased as I write
this reply. feel free to contact me at fltrt at and I will give you my
phone number for more info.
I hope this helps
Mike Harmon

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