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Greetings - Hoping the group can help with the following situation - our flight crew is an RN/ER resident crew configuration - For the past several years, we have been transporting neonates on nitric by air & ground with our RN/ER MD crew, but happily have had a neonatal RT accompany us - However, we have recently been told that the RT department is downsizing & they will no longer be able to routinely accompany us on these NO transports - I am hoping, especially from our transport RT colleagues, for input on this situation - Are there standards out there that support RT's going on NO transports? Any programs who have protocols for having RT's accompany on NO transports? Our flight RN's feel that these transports, in our instance, are low volume, but very high risk (2-3/month on average) & we are very much in need of "backup info/protocols/standards" to help us maintain what we believe to be standard of care for these patients
Any help welcomed
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