[game_preservation] Library of Congress funds project for game preservation

Henry Lowood lowood at stanford.edu
Sun Aug 5 20:35:58 EDT 2007


just back form a short trip (Blizzcon), I find that Library of
Congress has sent out the official news release announcing the
Preserving Creative America Program here:


This is an omnibus release covering all the projects funded in this
impressive new program (over $2 million in all, a nice portion of
which went to the games project).

The games project is called "Preserving Virtual Worlds" and includes
historical games (cf. our Digital Game Canon), electronic literature,
and virtual worlds. It is the project listed under University of
Illinois, as prime contractor. Stanford, Maryland, and Rochester are

So, now we can talk about this project! I hope to have my feet on
the ground tomorrow and will put together some information and a
preliminary call for voluntary participation. The actual work starts
Jan. 2008 and will end Dec. 2009, but there is a lot in the hopper to
work on before January -- e.g., preparation for GDC and other events.
Please feel free to spread the news far and wide.

Also, nice to see that Andrew has got some conversation going. It's
great to have somebody working on the wiki! (Andrew, I haven't
forgotten that I owe you the Digital Game Canon presentations.)


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