[game_preservation] iPhone Game Preservation

Andrew Armstrong andrew at aarmstrong.org
Tue Jul 28 09:28:26 EDT 2009

Yeah, just a shame it's a locked platform, to use any of those files
there's not much you can do - I presume they don't run in the dev kits
(although if they do that's viable since it's the hardware that'll fail
sooner then any software).

As for actually paying for them all, getting all of them downloaded and
preserved - well, then it's just money! Not as bad as I thought I guess

:D thanks for the info.


Mike Melanson wrote:

> Andrew Armstrong wrote:

>> I think the iPhone has plenty of things that need preserving - not

>> just games mind you - along with other more open and more closed

>> platforms. The mobile space has barely been scratched regarding

>> preservation AFAIK, basically because it's impossible to actually get

>> the original files for those platforms (tough luck trying to get

>> backups usually), or get them at any reasonable non-contract price on

>> a device which will last more then a few years (without any way of

>> revocation of software from the original parties!), and also phones

>> ware out so fast compared to other hardware, without a way to

>> transfer material between them easily usually - SD cards luckily help

>> I guess with this :)


> Preserving iPhone apps once they're downloaded is not that difficult.

> I have already effectively preserved everything I have purchased and

> downloaded. The apps are downloaded individually to my computer and I

> can easily view their location in the filesystem and copy them

> elsewhere for backup. They're just standard ZIP files with .ipa

> extensions. The contents can be anything but often contain standard

> media assets (JPG/PNG image files, CAF audio files, MP4 media files).


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