[LEAPSECS] a modest proposal

christopher hoover ch at murgatroid.com
Sun Feb 10 21:12:34 EST 2008

>>One way would to get the spec written into a major US gov't procurement


>>as a requirement.

> Yes, that will give you a proof of concept implementation.

I wonder if I haven't explained myself well.

If you get the requirement written into a major procurement proposal, along
with establishing a qualifying test suite -- these are typically run by
NIST, this alone will get a number of vendors to implement it in major
operating systems. (And hopefully one of them will donate the
implementation to open source.)

This is the story -- possibly apocryphal -- of the origin of the POSIX layer
in Window NT. (NIST has a POSIX compliance test suite.)

Vendors do a lot of extra work to make it possible to win these contracts.
Sometimes it is stupid make-work, like the OSI stack.


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