[LEAPSECS] Trying a different angle

Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Thu Feb 14 10:57:10 EST 2008

> It's not a matter of brand recognition, it's a matter of national

> laws defining civil time in terms of UTC (or one of it's many aliases)

> and a timezone offset.

Then the obvious thing to do is to separate an unsegmented time
system, like TI or GPS, required by naive compute clients, from the
UTC/mean solar time required by naive governments. Tying the two even
more closely together is going to make a joint solution even harder.

It is a matter of brand recognition - what do you think the lobbyists
deal in?

> it is still not seen as important enough to fix it.

And are you convinced that it would be better for us if the lawmakers
did take notice of our activities? :-)

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