[LEAPSECS] Cost: getting rid of GMT & discontinuing leap seconds

Nero Imhard nimh at pipe.nl
Mon Oct 25 16:41:20 EDT 2010

On 2010-10-25, at 16:58, Warner Losh wrote:

>> Do you really consider it reasonable to change the definition to

>> which the law refers? When complying with the law proves too

>> cumbersome, shouldn't legislators consider a change in the relevant

>> law?


> Yes. It happens all the time. GMT has gone through at least a dozen

> redefinitions over the years, depending on how you count things. UTC

> has also evolved since it started in the late 1950's.

These are all refinements in the way these scales track UT (leap seconds being a vast improvement over rubber seconds) and not nearly as fundamental as scrapping the mechanism altogether.

Maybe I should have added the word "fundamentally" in "Do you really consider it reasonable to fundamentally change the definition..." but I thought that was clear by now.


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