[LEAPSECS] Meeting with Wayne Whyte

Mark Calabretta mcalabre at atnf.csiro.au
Tue Feb 1 04:46:20 EST 2011

On Mon 2011/01/31 22:11:36 -0800, "Tom Van Baak" wrote
in a message to: "Leap Second Discussion List" <leapsecs at leapsecond.com>

>The leap day error is, what, 365.2425 : 365.24219 = 850 ppb;

>while a leap second every two years is 16 ppb?

OK Tom, I'm prepared to accept those odds. I'll give you $16
if you correctly predict the date of the next leap second, and
you give me $850 if I predict the date of the next leap day.

Mark Calabretta

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