[LEAPSECS] LEAPSECS Digest, Vol 51, Issue 7

Finkleman, Dave dfinkleman at agi.com
Wed Feb 2 10:33:55 EST 2011

The consensus list of facts is an excellent idea. I wish the US could
do this with health care: implement what everyone can agree with and
debate the rest instead of holding everything hostage to winning a minor

I suggest that the terms second, minute, hour, day, and month stated
without qualification have "normative" status: the SI second, 60 SI
seconds, 3600 SI seconds, 86,400 SI seconds, and Gregorian calendar
numbers of days expressed as 86,400 seconds.

Anything else requires qualification such as: mean solar seconds.
Actually I can't think of other forms of hour, day, etc. that require
qualification, since those are neither fundamental time intervals nor
time scales.

An initial thought for discussion.

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