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If you need and GPS(GNSS)-related input, just let me know.
-- Richard

Quoting "Finkleman, Dave" <dfinkleman at agi.com>:

> I have been invited to write an article on this subject for the

> quarterly journal of Sigma Xi, American Scientist. Someone read our

> AAS paper and thought the subject would be appropriate for the diverse

> technical community. The style is that the report be understandable to

> those with a solid technical background, neither experts nor laymen.


> I welcome suggestions, and I will share authorship with all willing to

> work on it.


> BTW: The Islamic month begins with heliacal rising of the crescent Moon.

> However, contrary to my warped recollection, the Islamic day cycle is

> governed by the Sun. However, there is still a difference between the

> start of the Moslem day (sunset or Maghrib - which means "west") and the

> start of the Hebrew day (verifiable star sightings).


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