[LEAPSECS] Consensus building?

Tim Shepard shep at alum.mit.edu
Wed Feb 2 13:56:53 EST 2011

> Some term other than SI-based minute/hour/day is needed. As another

> has stated, unlike TAI or UTC, SI seconds can be observed in other

> reference frames. Also, the SI brochure says nice things about UTC,

> without explicitly incorporating it into SI. Thus it is not cleaar

> that an SI minute cannot contain 61 SI seconds.


> Solar days occurred before anyone was able to, or interested in,

> measuring them. Also, non-human animals and plants experience solar

> days without measuring them.


> Gerry Ashton

How about "earth day", "earth minute", and "earth second"?

Seems a nice parallel to "mars day", "mars minute", and "mars second"
that was used by JPL for the probe missions.

And instead of "universal time", we can call the earth-tracking time
scale "earth time".

-Tim Shepard
shep at alum.mit.edu

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