[LEAPSECS] Meeting with Wayne Whyte

Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Thu Feb 3 09:50:19 EST 2011

michael.deckers said:

>> However, this suggestion of increasing the limit of DUT1 should

>> go hand in hand with another change made in Rec. 460. The original

>> draft of 460 which was presented to the CCIR Plenary Assembly

>> suggested that the leaps should be full seconds or "integral

>> multiples thereof".


> Very interesting, thanks! The "double leap second" resurfaced

> in the ISO standard for C in 1989.

However, this (and its adoption by reference into Posix) was due to a
misunderstanding by the people in WG14 at the time. When I fully understood
what was going on, I got WG14 to fix the C Standard (and, again by
reference, Posix) to only allow 61 seconds per minute at most.

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