[LEAPSECS] zoneinfo risks will persist no matter what

Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Sat Feb 5 22:06:55 EST 2011

When you're right, you're right.

On Feb 5, 2011, at 7:59 PM, Steve Allen wrote:

> Whether or not broadcasts continue to have leap seconds, the fact is

> that UTC has had leap seconds, and nothing will make them go away.

> As a result there will always be problems with the POSIX epoch.


> Based on the exchanges in the link below

> http://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=23075

> it would appear that the QNAP network attached storage devices may have

> been shipping the "right" zoneinfo files for some timezones.


> This is the sort of misunderstanding that needs education and clear

> documentation, not sweeping under the rug by changing what UTC is

> and hoping the problems will just go away.

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