[LEAPSECS] LEAPSECS Digest, Vol 51, Issue 24

Finkleman, Dave dfinkleman at agi.com
Mon Feb 7 19:07:17 EST 2011

Addressing all comments at once:

1. I had a similar exchange with Yuri Davydov, then Deputy Director of
ROSKOSMOS, the Russian Space Agency. His response to operators not
understanding their own operation was, "Get smarter operators!" He is
correct. Some day, when I have been retired from the Air Force a bit
longer, I will better qualify that exchange. I retired in 1993. It has
not been long enough.
2. Whoever observed that ALL pertinent exchanges between collaborators
should be vetted in advance is right on the mark. When time and
intellect allow, there should always be well coordinated Interface
Control Documents (ICD). The standard message formats are very clearly
qualified to be guides for such negotiation. However, they are an
expedient for communication among those who do almost never work with
each other -- for example, when two satellites that are uncoordinated
come too close to each other. If you visit the SOCRATES page on our
website (http://www.centerforspace.com) you will see that this happens
hundreds of times each day. (It's under "Tools.")

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