[LEAPSECS] Correspondence of solar to civil time

Daniel R. Tobias dan at tobias.name
Mon Feb 7 23:07:52 EST 2011

Recently my mom was visiting me in Florida from New York, and when I
was taking her to the airport, she noticed the time was about 4:45
PM, and that it was broad daylight outside, and remarked that at this
time in New York it would be dark already. This is an example of how
people do make note of the correspondence of civil time to solar time
in their particular locality at a particular time of year, and notice
when the current correspondence differs from what they're used to.

And the famous song that Christina Aguilera flubbed the lyrics to at
the Super Bowl refers to the "dawn's early light" and the "twilight's
last gleaming", not to atomic time!

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