[LEAPSECS] one second tolerance

Mark Calabretta mcalabre at atnf.csiro.au
Wed Feb 9 19:05:55 EST 2011

On Wed 2011/02/09 08:56:21 -0000, Ian Batten wrote
in a message to: Leap Second Discussion List <leapsecs at leapsecond.com>

>Microsoft Exchange meeting invitations say things like

>"GMT: London, Edinburgh, Lisbon", and then contain local timestamps

>corrected for daylight savings. They do that all year round.

>Whatever the timezone in London is in July, one thing it certainly

>_isn't_ is GMT. They mean "clock on the wall time in places where

>the civil time is UTC or UT1 during the winter". Extra fun will

Microsoft gets it wrong? Never! Surely it must be user error.

Mark Calabretta

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