[LEAPSECS] What's the point?

Paul Sheer p at 2038bug.com
Tue Feb 15 08:43:12 EST 2011

On Mon, 2011-02-14 at 22:46 -0700, Rob Seaman wrote:

> What's the point?


your discussions circle around standards and law

yet presently here on earth no-one follows these standards or laws

there is merely "crowd convention"

the challenge is not to study 150 years of committee minutes and try
reconcile them. It is to understand what is GOING ON IN THE FIELD RIGHT
NOW and reconcile that.

then, when you release a "solution" it will be adoptable by everyone

this begins by experimentation with a reference implementation of
whatever you propose

sorry, but anyone that thinks this doesn't make sense does not have
enough imagination as to what software can do.

eg. -

looks like someone is going to implement Java UTC-SLS


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