1.0a1 (beta candidate)

John Gruber gruber at fedora.net
Sat Mar 6 00:57:50 EST 2004


Here's a zip package I'm calling 1.0a1:


It contains three files:

*   Markdown.pl
*   Markdown Readme
*   License

Barring any bugs or typos, this is what I plan to ship next week,
publicly, as beta 1. So, if you're interested in tire-kicking, I'd
be appreciative if you could do so over this weekend.

If you find any bugs, or even suspect it isn't quite working right,
please let me know.

I'm also looking for feedbak on the readme. Does it answer your
questions? Is it accurate? Do you see any mistakes or typos?

It (the readme) does not, and will not, contain full documentation
on Markdown's markup syntax; it only contains an overview and
installation instructions. The full syntax documentation will be on
the web site.

Also, I named the readme file "Markdown Readme", sans filename
extension. I'd be curious to know how this file is treated on your
systems; here on my machine, it has a blank icon, but I can
double-click it to open it in BBEdit.


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