Hello; use with Blosxom

Jason Clark jason at jclark.org
Tue Mar 9 21:26:22 EST 2004

Hello the list!  Formalities first - wow.  I've been a Textile user for 
at least 6 months, just discovered Markdown today; so far, I prefer 

I'm using Markdown with my Blosxom-based blog.  My first Markdown post, 
including discussion of Markdown itself, is here: 

A few notes:

* Neither the Markdown project page nor the Readme mention that 
Markdown is a Blosxom plugin.
* In order to function as a Blosxom plugin, you must rename the file to 
"Markdown" (no extension, Capital M).  Numeric prefixes (e.g., 
01Markdown) to control Blosxom load order work fine.  Could be noted in 
the Readme?
* As written, Markdown-as-Blosxom-Plugin will always assume every post 
is written in Markdown.  I modified story() to make this more flexible:

sub story {
     my($pkg, $path, $filename, $story_ref, $title_ref, $body_ref) = @_;

     if ($meta::markup eq 'markdown') {
         $$title_ref = Markdown($$title_ref);
         $$body_ref  = Markdown($$body_ref);

This will only apply Markdown formatting if the Blosxom story header 
(everything between the first line (the story title) and the first 
blank line in a story) contains a line reading:  "meta-markup: 
markdown".  This is a common Blosxom idiom and is used by the Textile 
plugin, for example.  It requires the Meta plugin for Blosxom, but then 
so do half the blosxom plugins out there.

Thanks again for a great new tool.

Jason Clark <jason at jclark.org>

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