Blockquotes and the infamous <p> tags...

Rob Hulson rob at
Wed Mar 10 15:37:51 EST 2004

Hey, I just installed the beta of Markup and SmartyPants 1.5 in my 
MovableType blog. Lovin' it so far. Problem, however, in the dastardly 
blockquotes. Didn't find anything in the archives, so I thought I'd 
toss it out.

It's my understanding that if you put (with double spaces at the end of 
the first line):

 >Text to quote
More text to quote.

This results in:

<blockquote><p>Text to quote<br />
More text to quote.</p></blockquote>

This is well and fine... unless your stylesheet has a border for 
blockquotes. Because any text enclosed in a blockquote is also prefaced 
by a <p> tag, the resulting look is as if there were a <br /> at the 
beginning and end of the text, which results in the top and bottom 
borders of the text being a line above and below, while the left and 
right borders hug the text.

If that's confusing, check out the quoted text in both these pages, the 
first formatted with Markdown, and the other entered with a manual 
<blockquote> and <br /> tags.

So far, I've not found any text format plugin ever get this one right. 
Any clues how this might be solved, or what I might put in my 
stylesheet to make this look decent?

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