First draft of full syntax docs

John Gruber gruber at
Fri Mar 12 11:46:22 EST 2004

Jesper <jesper at> wrote on 03/12/04 at 3:00p:

> Again,
> "If you want to write about 'AT&T', you need to write '`AT&T"."
> Yeah, damn. :P Missing a double escape again.

Actually, there were two other problems with that snippet. First, in
the article, I had an extra backtick quote (which is why you can see
an actual backtick up there in your quoted text).

Second, and worse, there's a bug in 1.0b1 where ampersands aren't
always getting encoded within code spans. If you write this:

    Ampersand: `&`

Markdown should translate that to:

    Ampersand: <code>&amp;</code>

But in 1.0b1, it was translating it to:

    Ampersand: <code>&amp;amp;</code>

This is fixed for b2.


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