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John Gruber gruber at
Fri Mar 12 15:15:34 EST 2004

Aaron Swartz <me at> wrote on 03/12/04 at 11:46a:

> The syntax page is quite long. I'm concerned that people interested in 
> Markdown will click syntax to see how it works, and upon seeing such a 
> long page, be scared off. ("What have I gotten myself into? I don't 
> have time to read this whole thing!")

That's a very good point. I really didn't anticipate that it would
end up being that long.

(For those who are new: I didn't bother documenting the syntax
during development because the syntax was very much in flux until

> The syntax page is excellent; I wouldn't get rid of it. But I think you 
> might be better off putting a version of the cheatsheet on the Syntax 
> page with a link to the full detailed guide. And maybe a note on the 
> full guide that you don't need to read it to use Markdown -- the syntax 
> is simple and intuitive for the most part.

What if I add a another page: "Intro" or "Getting Started" or "Quick
Ref" or something? I.e., instead of:

    Main  |  Syntax  |  License  |  Dingus

we'd have:

    Main  |  Quick Ref  |  Syntax  |  License  |  Dingus

I sort of don't like using the word "Ref" rather than "reference",
but otherwise it'll ruin the nice little nav bar.

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