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John Gruber gruber at fedora.net
Fri Mar 12 18:13:29 EST 2004

John Gruber <gruber at fedora.net> wrote on 03/09/04 at 11:00p:

> > I modified story() to make this more flexible:
> [...]
> > This will only apply Markdown formatting if the Blosxom story header 
> > (everything between the first line (the story title) and the first 
> > blank line in a story) contains a line reading:  "meta-markup: 
> > markdown".  This is a common Blosxom idiom and is used by the Textile 
> > plugin, for example.  It requires the Meta plugin for Blosxom, but then 
> > so do half the blosxom plugins out there.
> Great! That's exactly what I didn't know how to do -- make Markdown
> a per-post option for Blosxom users. Thanks very much for sharing
> this and saving me the trouble of figuring out the Blosxom idiom for
> this. Much appreciated.

OK, I changed my mind, at least about rolling this into b2.

I'm going to release b2 in a few minutes, and the out-of-the-box
Blosxom interface is going to stay the same as it was in b1.
However, I'm officially documenting that Markdown works as a Blosxom
plug-in, and the Blosxom installation directions include a pointer
to your weblog post. Here they are:

### Blosxom ###

Markdown works with Blosxom version 2.0 or later.

1.  Rename the "Markdown.pl" plug-in to "Markdown" (case is
    important). Movable Type requires plug-ins to have a ".pl"
    extension; Blosxom forbids it.

2.  Copy the "Markdown" plug-in file to your Blosxom plug-ins folder.
    If you're not sure where your Blosxom plug-ins folder is, see the
    Blosxom documentation for information.

3.  That's it. The entries in your weblog will now automatically be
    processed by Markdown.

4.  If you'd like to apply Markdown formatting only to certain posts,
    rather than all of them, see Jason Clark's instructions for using
    Markdown in conjunction with Blosxom's Meta plugin:

* * *

I might change this to make the Meta-integration the default, but
I've heard from a few other Blosxom users who are using Markdown and
who prefer the current defaults.

I think perhaps what I'd like to do is check to see if the Meta
plug-in is installed, and if so, then use it; if not, then apply
Markdown to all posts automatically.


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