First draft of full syntax docs

Jason Clark jason at
Fri Mar 12 23:34:58 EST 2004

On Mar 12, 2004, at 11:29 PM, John Gruber wrote:

> It's the fact that as it stands now, it's hard to get a general
> sense of what Markdown's syntax is like. The cheatsheet alongside
> the dingus helps, but it'd be better with a slightly expanded
> version on its own page, which could contain much longer examples.

What clinched it for me was viewing the Markdown version of the main 
Markdown project page (via the .text link).  As soon as I saw that the 
MD source, and having just seen the XHTML rendition, I decided I needed 
to switch to Markdown (from Textile).  Seeing a source that looks like 
naturally readable really helped me "get" what Markdown is all about.

Page width might be a concern, but you might try a two-column layout 
with Markdown source in one column and the XHTML rendered output in the 

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