asterisks as bold or italic?

Jason Clark jason at
Mon Mar 15 20:57:48 EST 2004

On Mar 15, 2004, at 8:10 PM, Merlin Mann wrote:

>> From the syntax guide:
>> Markdown treats asterisks (*) and underscores (_) as indicators
>> of emphasis. Text wrapped with one * or _ will be wrapped with an
>> HTML <em> tag; double *’s or _’s will be wrapped with an HTML 
>> <strong> tag.
> It's probably late in the game for a syntax suggestion, but I'm having 
> a
> hard time getting used to "*foo*" making text <em> instead of <strong>.
> If it's just my own peculiar habit, I can certainly un-learn it, but 
> I'm
> curious if anyone else had this experience when using Markdown.

+1.  I'm of the same opinion; *bold* but _italics_.  Admitedly, this 
has been reinforced by using Textile for the last 6 months, but I do 
think it's more intuitive.  Not a make-or-break issue, however.

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