cites for blockquotes

Mike Shaver shaver at
Thu Mar 18 19:38:38 EST 2004

Fred Condo wrote:
> Seems to me that Markdown ought to recognize either format (head or 
> tail) as a citation. The <> notation around the URL is something of a 
> standard, exists in Markdown syntax already, and disambiguates the URL 
> from general text. I would like to see both styles supported.

If people want to experiment, the attached patch supports all of this 

 > Games are fun.
 > Really fun.

A word from our sponsor.


 > Now is the time for all good
 > men to come to the aid

that was fun

 > This is not a cited quote.


 > This is a post-cited quote.
 > :<>

(I also fixed up the indentation whitespace selection from my last one)
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