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Fri Mar 19 11:27:40 EST 2004

> Curly brackets are still available, and I've been saving them for this.
> Imagine something like this:
>     --Blah blah   {.attributionline}
> Turning into:
>     <p class="attributionline">--Blah blah</p>
> Or, with headers:
>     ## My Header 2                              {#section2}
> Turning into:
>     <h2 id="section2">My Header 2</h2>

Good idea. It would suit me well.

> *   Perhaps it's too limiting, because it would only allow you to
>     add class and id attributes.

Let’s make a list of all the attributes of all the HTML elements and decide what
other attributes we need.

> *   What elements could you use this trick for? I'm thinking only
>     headers and paragraphs.

Let’s make a list of all the HTML elements and decide what other elements we
need this for.


The only other attribute I see that could be used on markdown elements is
`style`, but I know what everybody will say :)

Classes and ids for blockquotes, code blocks and lists (and images?) could be
nice. And a way of specifying the size of images. Curly braces could be used for
this too, like this

    [image]: url "Title" {320x240}

or this:

    [alt text](url "Title" {320, 240})

What do you think?


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