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Thu Mar 25 07:41:19 EST 2004


Am Donnerstag, 25.03.04 um 12:11 Uhr schrieb Craig Morgan:

> See John's earlier response (quoted below) amongst a dicsussion of 
> intermingled code blocks and lists ...

>> I'm not sure at this point what the rule will be about having blank
>> lines before and after a code block, however. No matter what,
>> though, the rules for blank lines before and/or after code blocks
>> will be clearly defined.
>> Perhaps I can work it out so that, in general, code blocks will
>> require a blank line before and after, but within a list item, you
>> will be able to use them without blank lines, so you can insert a
>> `<pre>` block within the `<li>` without having in-list `<p>` tags.

I think this behavior would be something i could live with. In most 
cases blank lines before and after code blocks would look better, so i 
don't think this would be a disadvantage.


Indeed. Thanks :)!

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