Ordered list syntax.

Daniel Axelrod markdown at danonline.net
Fri Mar 26 20:33:16 EST 2004

I just had an idea! Do numbered lists like this:
	1) Lazyness
	2) Impatience
	3) Hubris

(That indentation was meant to indicate a code block, rather than being 
part of the suggestion for syntax.)
That way, you can keep track of open parentheses and see if a possible 
list item matches up to an open parenthetical or is on its own. I had 
the idea because something similar is being considered for lettered 
On Tuesday, March 23, 2004, at 03:54  PM, John Gruber wrote:
>     2.  Lakers
>         a) Magic
>         b) Worthy
>         c) Kareem
> I'm a little worried that using letters and dots will lead to
> accidental lists.

If this is going to be done for lettered lists anyway, why not make 
numbered lists orthogonal?

Not that I'm suggesting this would be at all easy to code.

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