Incorrect behaviour (Markdown 1.0b4)

Már Örlygsson mar at
Tue Mar 30 12:32:21 EST 2004

> Craig Morgan:
>>---- Example input ----
>>.... recovery procedure is detailed in the command_reference_guide.pdf, 

John Gruber:
> Thus you'd need to write the above as:
>     command\_reference\_guide.pdf

...or alternatively wrap it in <code> backticks like so:


Which is less annoying to read, and even maybe a little more 
semantically accurate.

John, maybe you should make the parsing rules for `_emphasis_` a little 
restrictive than for `*emphasis*`, thus only allowing asterisks to 
create `em*pha*sis` within a word, but requiring the underscore variety 
to either begin or end outside of a word - like this:


or this:


Of course this would make the syntax rules for Markdown slightly more 
difficult to explain, but on the other hand it might eliminate most of 
the cases similar to Craig Moran's.

Since Markdown seems to be geared towards technically inclined writers, 
it might make sense to make it easy for them to include filenames, which 
commonly contain loads of underscore characters for spaces.


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