xMarkdown implementation

Jelks Cabaniss jelks at jelks.nu
Tue Mar 30 14:50:42 EST 2004

european bob wrote:
> It would be quite interesting to know how many people use Tidy in page
> generation. I know I never have done; and I've been running systems
> which have been XHTML1.1 valid for some time. I think I see Tidy much
> more as a rectifying tool, and therefore don't think about it in terms
> of actually generating content to begin with. 

I use it daily, have so for about five years.  Roughly 20% of the time it's
for cleaning up other peoples' junk, removing font tags, etc., but primarily
(for me) it's an xHTML "pretty printer" (incorporated in the text editor) in
the ever-ongoing "edit/edit/edit/tidy" process.

In your case, the only place I could see Tidy *possibly* being useful is at
the very last stage of the process with it being fed "untidy" (in both
senses of the word) *markup*.

(Then again -- since you say you're using 1.1 -- Tidy doesn't have quite
enough people working on it, and it *still* won't generate the XHTML 1.1
DOCTYPE declaration.  So you'd still have to process the Tidy output to
change the DOCTYPE declaration if you want to declare it as 1.1.)


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