asterisks as bold or italic? (another push)

Timothy Binder lists at
Wed Mar 31 00:58:24 EST 2004

On Mar 30, 2004, at 6:53 PM, John Gruber wrote:

> Lou Quillio <public at> wrote on 03/30/04 at 6:42p:
>>> I can see caps>>emphasis in print>>SHOUTING, if that's what you have
>>> in mind -- it's a natural progression -- but underscore?
>> Hyperlink.
> I agree with this. Underscoring denotes linking in my mind, these
> days. Anyone who still uses underscoring for emphasis (I'm not
> talking about `_` characters in plain text, but `<u>` tags in HTML)
> is making a mistake in my book.

D'oh! My mind was too focused to see that! *sigh*

I'd like to thank John and everyone else for spending time to further 
describe the rationale behind the decisions. It definitely makes my 
acceptance of the choice of markup easier, rather than having my inner 
voice constantly railing against it. (If it isn't clear, this is my 
concession speech. :-)

Now to persuade my webmaster to implement this on our website. (I could 
do it, but I'm trying to not step on too many toes....)

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