New link syntax

Lou Quillio public at
Wed Mar 31 14:16:29 EST 2004

On Mar 31, 2004, at 1:42 PM, european bob wrote:

> If I've written:
> Go look at the [first test run] I did (there are also some
> [more examples] of the test)
> [more examples]: "My initial examples"
> .. and then 1273 lines later I write:
> So, the [final examples] show the result quite clearly, although there
> are a few that [run contrary][more examples]
> [more examples]: "The final test run"

Understand.  What if a user *intends* for the duplicate link text to 
point to the same link target?  My point is that the concept of "error" 
exists in the user's mind, which is a better place for it than in 
Markdown's mind.  imo, it's better that Markdown not even have a mind.

Sure, we know it has programmatics, but it's really just a text filter. 
  Plain-belly Sneetches go in here, Star-belly Sneeches come out there.  
The only error belongs to the user who didn't really want a star.  
Stretching and splitting the metaphor, we know "It's full of stars!", 
which is a complex business -- but that's not how Sylvester McMonkey 
McBean sells it.  One dollar, one star.  Step right up!

MD doesn't even charge a dollar, and we're certainly in charge of our 
own bellies.  I think things should stay just like that.

Somebody around here delivered a warning about medium-complexity apps.  
+1 star, imo.


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