New link syntax

european bob bob at
Wed Mar 31 18:40:23 EST 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 00:02, John Gruber wrote:
> I fail to see how 
>     [[this]]
> is a significant improvement over what we already have:
>     [this][]

I'm not sure it is. My point was that I thought [[this]] is much better
than [this] (at least at the moment I do; I may change my mind ;). I
think [this is potentially] [ambiguous], because it's currently valid
Markdown (you either get a link, or explicit square brackets - both of
which seem valid, according to the syntax). 

Saying that [[this]] is better than [that] doesn't imply that [[this]]
is better than [that][] of course - and I agree, I'm not sure it is.


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