b and i

John Gruber gruber at fedora.net
Fri May 14 23:22:03 EDT 2004

Fred Condo <fred at tincture.us> wrote on 05/14/04 at 5:45pm:

> >  Or in Internet Explorer for Mac.
> Irrelevant browser (abandoned by its maker and supplanted by Safari). 

It is and always will be the most popular browser for Mac OS 9 and
earlier. It's discontinued and fading, but it'll be a while before
you can call it irrelevant.

Here are my user agent stats at DF for May, to date:

    Safari:      8644
    OmniWeb:      255
    IE Mac:       594
    IE Win:      7840
    Camino:       285
    Fbird M:       16
    Fbird W:      209
    Fbird O:       22
    Moz Mac:      178
    Moz Other:    803
    Opera:        500

(Note that I'm pretty sure my script is counting OmniWeb 5 betas as
Safari, so the OmniWeb count is probably a bit low, and the Safari
count a bit high.)


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