Markdown not escaping link id

Jelks Cabaniss jelks at
Fri Oct 15 22:22:20 EDT 2004

Christopher Biagini wrote:
>> I think people who do this will have to
>> make do using two or three spaces, however.
> For me, issues like this are actually one of the biggest sources of
> "the think of it" in Markdown-formatted documents.
> other elements of the document are being turned into code blocks. 
> Each time it happens, I have to concern myself with Markdown
> syntax--which kind of wrecks the beauty of it all.
> What's worse is that this syntax--colons, indenting, whatever--doesn't
> look like anything in particular. It's natural for the writer (well,
> me at least) to indent things like lists and quotations by one tab,
> simply because it's convenient and it looks right. Same goes for link
> definitions. I guess it depends on how often you write code examples,
> but I find that the structure that Markdown's new syntax imposes on my
> documents isn't worth the convenience of it making code blocks
> automatically.

I have to say, I get caught by this all the time too.  Moral: beware of
running "normally" indented text throught Markdown, unless you really want
it marked as `<pre>`.

I'd personally prefer an explicit marker for `<pre>` text since I don't use
such sections that much, but others will no doubt feel differently.  I
suppose such things are unavoidable in any "text2ml" syntax -- there'll
always be a trade-off.  


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