Proposed table syntax

Angie Ahl alists at
Wed Oct 20 14:45:24 EDT 2004

On 20 Oct 2004, at 19:20, Jelks Cabaniss wrote:

> Precedents exist.  See for example [reStructuredText]'s, [Grutatext]'s 
> and
> [TexTile]'s implementations.
> [reStructuredText]:
> [Grutatext]:

That's just *way* too long winded. both for the regex and for a human.
I'd rather write the raw HTML than go through all that. I do write html 
tables by hand quite a bit though, or rather regex them into existence.

> [TexTile]:

that one's alright but I prefer the original posted syntax myself.

> Then there's a table with table heads across the top row:
> 	First Name		Last Name		URL
> 	==============================================================
> 	Jeffrey			Zeldman
> 	John			Gruber
> 	Joshua			Davis

regex wise I'd say a cell separator (</td><td>) should be one or more 
tabs and possibly, more than 1 space( but I can see problems with that.

I wouldn't make it a fixed number of spaces or tabs as people sometimes 
add extra ones to fix layout issues in email etc. like above.

Doing it with 1 or more tabs leads to a problem if there were empty 
cells, you'd need to mark a cell as empty, maybe with something like 

Something I'll be putting in my own markup anyway, so even if John 
doesn't go for it you can have my regex when I've done it.


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