[ANN] Markdown.pl 1.0.2b4

John Gruber gruber at fedora.net
Mon Sep 19 02:16:46 EDT 2005



I'm pretty sure I never released b3, so here are the changes for
both b3 and b4:

1.0.2b4 - Thu 08 Sep 2005

+ Filthy hack to support markdown='1' in div tags, because I need it
to write today's fireball.

+ First crack at a new, smarter, block-level HTML parser. This now
passes the "Inline HTML (Advanced)" test.

This new parser requires Damian Conway's `Text::Balanced` Perl
module, which is standard with Perl 5.8.0 and later. Thus the
algorithm here is going to fork from Michel Fortin's PHP port,
but, fortunately for Fortin, his PHP code already passes these

1.0.2b3 - Thu 28 Apr 2005

+ _DoAutoLinks() now supports the 'dict://' URL scheme.

+ PHP- and ASP-style processor instructions are now protected as
raw HTML blocks.

<? ... ?>
<% ... %>

+ Workarounds for regressions introduced with fix for "backticks within
tags" bug in 1.0.2b1.


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