Emphasis or Italic?

Anton J Aylward aja at si.on.ca
Fri Apr 28 21:25:58 EDT 2006

Jon Noring wrote:

>>What's the difference between:


>> <em>emphasis</em> and <i>italicized</i>


>> <strong>strong</strong> and <b>bold</b>


> From a visual presentation viewpoint they lead to the same end-result

> for nearly all browsers I know. But from a text semantic perspective,

> they are quite different.


> This begs the interesting rhetorical question: in non-visual

> presentation, such as text-to-speech, how should <i> and <b> be aurally

> rendered to the listener?

That's a good point.
Especially of the text-to-speech software is a screen-scraper rather than a

I wish I could remember the source: I once heard on the radio a poem "fifty
ways to pronounce the letter 'O'". It ranged from surprise, though
despondency to orgasmic. It was a sound poem. In text it would have been


Since _every_ one of the Ohs held emphasis - of some kind - it makes me
wonder ... can ANY text-to-speech converter replicate something like that?
"Emphasis" -- what emphasis. And of course some of them will be louder
(i.e. stronger) than others....

Oh. Right.

I've a mind to remove <em> and <strong> and put something in that will mean
<bold><italic>. Visually that is useful.

/anton -- I'm not deaf, I'm ignoring you while I read this ...

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