Redcloth is ..

Jelks Cabaniss jelks at
Sat Apr 29 01:48:58 EDT 2006

Anton J Aylward wrote:

> I've been looking at Dean Allen's Redcloth, which claims to

> incorporate both Markdown and Textile, as implemented in Ruby by _why.

> While the code is clear and readable, the boundary between markdown

> and Textile is not.

That always bothered me about Redcloth. It's taking two very different
syntaxes, trying to cater to them both, while "favoring" Textile. Something
of a Frankenstein...

Did you look at Bluecloth? I haven't recently, and I have to admit that the
last time I looked, it still (many months after the fact) wasn't up to the
latest Markdown -- it seemed it had somewhat stagnated as a project -- but
at least it *is* for Markdown syntax and only Markdown syntax. And it
worked well on the few MD texts I used it with.


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