Emphasis or Italic?

Anton J Aylward aja at si.on.ca
Sat Apr 29 07:29:59 EDT 2006

Jelks Cabaniss wrote:

> Jon Noring wrote:


>>This begs the interesting rhetorical question: in non-visual

>>presentation, such as text-to-speech, how should <i> and <b> be

>>aurally rendered to the listener?



>>From another list (about writing systems), received -- oddly enough -- just

> now ...


> ---------------

> Quote from:


> http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/indiana-jones/lucasarts-promises-euphoria-17011

> 6.php


> which is apparently a review of a game called "euphoria":


> "Note that apparently /euphoria/ is properly spelled in lowercase

> italics. When speaking the name out loud, LucasArts requests that you

> lean forward approximately twenty degrees."

... and when reading to the visually impaired (why else would you be
reading this out loud) you should mention to the blind person that you
_are_ leaning forward approximately twenty degrees ...

Sounds like infinite recursion to me.

/anton - just another deaf dumb and blind kid ...

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