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Ben Wilson dausha at
Mon Apr 3 23:54:00 EDT 2006

So, this is my first post, greeting, yada, yada. By way of background,
I'm a law student/former DC IT consultant and soon-to-return to the IT
field. Don't ask me why I went to law school, I have forgotten--and I
am not certain it was a good choice.

I ran across Markdown only recently, although I have always favored
ASCII as the impervious format. I'm also polishing my Python skills,
which led me to the two renditions of Markdown in Python from the
site. I tinkered with what I can only assume to be the original--and
then found it is no longer available. So, this evening I started
tinkering with

I noticed on the Daring Fireball site that there is a notion to allow
starting OLs at an arbitrary number:

> If you do use lazy list numbering, however, you should still start the

> list with the number 1. At some point in the future, Markdown may

> support starting ordered lists at an arbitrary number." [1]

Playing with the "newer" script, I implemented this feature. It looked
like a neat idea, and it helped me learn how Yuri, et al. put together
the script. At Yuri's prodding I've decided to post this and see where
the community is on adopting this behavior?



Ben Wilson
" Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur"

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