Know ye of such a beast ?

Jan Erik Moström lists at
Thu Nov 23 16:42:45 EST 2006

Reply to Mark Smith <mark at> 06-11-22 19:03:

>php-driven, markdown-aware, open source wiki/cms that has some

>degree of version control, a flexible system for privs/access

>control, is installable (or buildable) on OS X and has an easy

>installer for windows ?

It depends on what you want to do with it, I personally use both
pmwiki (the best wiki I've played with) and drupal but for
different things. The support for markdown in pmwiki is kind of
limited but used in a "suitable way" it works fine (although
linking etc is best done using the pmwiki markup language).
Markdown in drupal works just fine ... but if you want linking
etc between articles, revision handling etc then pmwiki is a
better choice.


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