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Le 3 oct. 2006 à 22:59, Trevor Jim a écrit :


Nice. I few things I noted:

> The following example is not handled well:


> <a href="foo"><h1>bar</h1></a>

That's invalid HTML 4, no wonder Markdown doesn't support this in
output. There is no harm in converting it to the valid form if you
want to, but I wouldn't consider that necessary.

> Sometimes extra paragraphs are inserted in nested lists. Markdown

> is a little quirky here (sometimes a blank line before a list

> element (*) causes a paragraph to be inserted, sometimes not).

To determine if a list item contains block-level content, one of the
following three assertions must be true:

1. The item contains a blank line.
2. The item is preceded by a blank line and is not the first item in
the list.
3. The item is followed by a blank line and is not the last item in
the list.

That means there is no way to make only one item in a list to contain
a single paragraph: either you insert a blank line before and it
affects the preceding item, or after and it affects the following item.

Well, there is a way if you hack around:

* List item.
* Paragraph list item.

<!-- dummy comment to insert a blank line in the item without
affecting the next list item -->
* List item.

But using a hack like that will certainly impair the clarity in the
resulting Markdown output.

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