Minor regexp oversight for setext headings

Angie Ahl alists at vertebrate.co.uk
Mon Oct 9 10:07:53 EDT 2006


All due respect,

If you're going to correct/flame people publicly at least have to
politeness to point out/qualify what you're saying eg chapter or page
number otherwise you come across as an ignorant troll with no social

Unless of course you are an ignorant troll in which case please
disregard this message. I was under the impression you weren't but I
could be wrong.

And I've read the book about 5 times by now so I'd really appreciate
you qualifying what you say to the list for the benefit of the list
as I'm pretty sure you're mistaken.


On 7 Oct 2006, at 23:21, A. Pagaltzis wrote:

> * Angie Ahl <alists at vertebrate.co.uk> [2006-10-07 22:35]:

>> Not sure that it would but I've read in several places that non

>> greedy should be used whereever it can as it's more efficient

>> for the regex parser and processor. Don't have any benchmarks

>> to back this up but I'm sure it says so in the mastering regex

>> book.


> You are mistaken on all counts. Please don’t parrot silly cargo

> cult advice. Read the book you mention instead of assuming what

> it says.


> Regards,

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