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On Oct 9, 2006, at 6:03 PM, John Gruber wrote:

> Allan Odgaard <29mtuz102 at> wrote on 10/9/06 at 6:33 PM:


>> Now, it’s no problem to add another, but I’ve just never came

>> across mdml, nor was it mentioned when I asked JG for which

>> extensions are in use.


> I don't like it at all, and certainly won't use or endorse it.

> What's the "ml" part? Markup language?


> But I don't really care if others want to use it. For me, .text is

> fine:




> -J.G.

But wouldn't it make sense to try and have a consistent file
extension for Markdown files for those who want something more
specific than .txt or .text? More and more applications are
supporting them in various ways, and it would be nice to have a
consistent file extension to indicate that not only is this a text
file, but more specifically it's a text file containing Markdown
syntax. This would not preclude the use of any other file extensions
that are already in use.

I have several utility applications that I use for MultiMarkdown, and
so I try an use extensions other than .txt for Markdown and
MultiMarkdown files. It doesn't matter if other people use the same
extensions, but I know that I would prefer to stick with a "standard"
if one existed. I imagine that many TextMate users might feel the
same way.

Consider this my vote that some sort of consensus file extension
should exist for those who desire it. In no way would this be
anything close to "mandatory." Just something that users might agree
would be useful when there is not a reason to use something else.

I was not too keen on ".mdml", but did like the ".mdtext" that
someone else pointed out. All in all, I don't much care what a
consensus extension is, but would happily use it if there was one.

My $.02....


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