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Robert Ullrey robert_ullrey at
Mon Oct 9 18:26:54 EDT 2006

It seems to me though that the advantage to using a uniform file
extension other then .text is that applications like TextMate, BBedit,
Subethaedit, emacs, and their windows/linux equivalents can then have
specific grammers and modes to support syntax highlighting,
auto-complete etc. Using something other then .text allows such an easy
classification for developers. Further, giving markdown a specific file
extension would allow, for example, Apple to declare it in their
framework for previewing. Currently anything like .md or markd, etc does
not preview in finder.

That being said, it seems to me that if a file extension was to be
declared, it should be similar on all platforms, e.g., markdown text:
.mdt (windows) .mdtx (unix?)

What do you think?


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