Markdown file extension

Allan Odgaard 29mtuz102 at
Mon Oct 9 18:43:12 EDT 2006

On 10. Oct 2006, at 00:20, Fletcher T. Penney wrote:

> But wouldn't it make sense to try and have a consistent file

> extension for Markdown files for those who want something more

> specific than .txt or .text?


In addition to the “out of the box” support for the file opened in
various text editors, adding a previewer module etc. there is also
the ability to associate an icon with the file type -- TM does ship
with a document icon specifically for Markdown, but I guess many have
not seen it, because they use other text extensions.

I really liked the mdtext extension as well!

Anyone *not* liking mdtext?

If not, I think we should let that be the recommended extension.

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