Block quotes with a blank line between them get merged

John Gruber gruber at
Wed Oct 18 11:09:35 EDT 2006

Allan Odgaard <29mtuz102 at> wrote on 10/18/06 at
3:27 PM:

> In that case one could argue that there are a few related

>bugs, e.g. in the following the “much further down”

>appears as a sub item of the third item:

> Some Items:

> 1. First item

> 2. Second item

> 3. Third item

> * much further down.

Again, not a bug, but a mistake in the syntax design.

I think two blank lines should break one out of a list:

* First first
* First second
* First third

* Second first
* Second second

I.e. that should be two lists, not one.

This idea is also intertwined with the idea that there should be
an alternate explicit syntax for code blocks, though, because
otherwise what would happen if you were making a list where one of
the items contained a code block with two blank lines?


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